A journey through time: the evolution of a legend ...

A journey through time: the evolution of a legend 

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Ducati Motorcycles 

Past and present merge on an unforgettable voyage through the annals of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer. From humble beginnings back in 1926 to glorious victory in championships around the world, Ducati has shaped its identity with its innovations and winning spirit. Travel through the ages and learn all about the characters and motorcycles that have made Ducati a symbol of excellence the world over. 

Ducati Cucciolo

The early 1900s brought real fervour to the electronics sector in Bologna. Guglielmo Marconi was receiving worldwide praise for the invention of radiotelegraphy. And so it was that Ducati embarked on its epic journey with the radio.

Adriano Cavalieri Ducati patented a short-wave transmitter with which he managed to connect with the United States. Together with brothers Bruno and Marcello, Adriano founded the Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati on the 4th of July, 1926.

The company produced the small Manens capacitor, assembled in a private residence with two workers and a secretary. The success was staggering, and within 10 years Ducati was providing thousands of people with work and had opened a large factory in Borgo Panigale.

During the war, however, the factory became a target in the Allied bombings and was destroyed on the 12th of October, 1944. From the rubble, the company was built back up as a motorcycle-manufacturing firm, marking the start of a new era for Ducati. 

Ducati gets Italy back on the road 

Italy was reborn during the years of post-war reconstruction. The economic boom spanned all industries and brought unprecedented production expansion and technological development. Higher employment and wages stimulated new consumer spending. The lifestyles and habits of Italians changed, and the need for mobility was one of the first to be met by this growing affluence. 

In the immediate post-war period, micro-engines that could be fitted to any bicycle were perfect for providing emergency mobility. The Ducati Cucciolo became a social phenomenon, reuniting a nation that needed to get around.

With the onset of mass motorisation in the ‘50s, Italians used lightweight motorcycles and scooters to get to work or travel on holiday. But the success of motorcycle street racing inspired a desire for speed, rather than just a cheap and reliable means of transportation. 

From the American dream to high-powered engines 

The ‘60s brought a brightly coloured new age. From technological progress, with the space race and the development of computers, to an explosion of creativity, with rock music, New Hollywood films, and Pop Art, it was a time of new freedoms, transgressions and the fight for ideals.

Cars became widespread, removing the motorcycle’s social role as a method of transportation. The influence of American bikers saw the motorcycle become a means of expression for the young generations: a travel companion for an on-the-road lifestyle. 

With the advent of high-powered engines in the ‘70s, the recreational function of a motorcycle as a piece of sports equipment came to the fore, and only grew with the success of supersport bikes in the ‘80s. In the collective imagination, the motorcycle came to be associated with fun and freedom, just as it still is today. 

 A journey through time: the evolution of a legend 

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, changes come thick and fast. The technology of mobile devices mirrors a reality in continuous motion and communication on social networks reflects our ever-evolving relationships.

The desire to express one’s identity and create a sense of community has returned. Even travelling by motorcycle has become an experience to share, a way to relate to one’s group.  

The newly settled Ducati Algarve in Faro has come to increase all the passion that authentic, inimitable and adrenaline-fueled experience with this fantastic red bikes.

Located in the Faro Porsche Center building, the premises are eager to welcome all the present and future “ducatisti”, providing an outstanding experience and a servicing according to the high brand level expectations. Welcome to Ducati Algarve.  

 Faro Porsche Centre 


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