Comporta in a bottle of perfume

Comporta in a bottle of perfume

Daniel Josier (creator of Areia Salgada and Sela), Pedro Simões Dias and Beatrice Aguilar (creator of Dona Bia and Mosquito)

Comporta Perfumes is a new Portuguese niche fragrance brand inspired by the nature and lifestyle of Comporta

It’s a collection of six fragrances edited by Pedro Dias, a perfume-loving lawyer who was inspired by the small stretch along the Alentejo coast, known for the preserved natural beauty that in the last few years has led it to be one of the most talked-about and sought-after destinations in Europe. Imbued by its long, white-sanded beaches, by the sea breeze and by the local flora and lifestyle, Pedro Dias conceived an olfactory script that he developed and materialised together with three prominent perfumers: Luca Maffei, Béatrice Aguilar and Daniel Josier.

Using only high-quality ingredients, in high concentrations and without budget restrictions that would in some way compromise the excellence of the final product, Comporta Perfumes has an ambitious debut with six sophisticated aromatic compositions – Areia Salgada, Dona Bia, Mosquito, Muda, Palafítico and Sela. Available in eau de parfum in 100ml format, the fragrances subtly depict the micro-universe of the region, and can currently be found in niche perfumeries and concept stores in Portugal and Spain.

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