Design Masterclass: Exploring the new Proceed

Design Masterclass: Exploring the new Proceed

By: Guilherme Marques

The new Proceed is a pinnacle of aesthetic creativity

There may come a day when Kia will make an ugly car again — as surely some that bore the South Korean emblem two decades ago were — but that day seems more distant with every car the brand launches onto the market.

Knowing that 70% of buyers put aesthetics at the top of the list of reasons to choose a car, the new Kia Proceed shows all the creativity that currently reigns in the company’s design department and even serves as a lesson for some brands that seem to have lost their way and are searching for their identity.

The Proceed is saloon similar in style to a shooting-brake, with a profile simulating a sporty coupe whilst offering all the space and practicality you would expect from this type of car. With a 1.6-litre engine and 204 horse- power in the GT version, it churns out more than enough performance for good moments behind the wheel and, dynamically, the evolution of the brand’s chassis continues to surprise. The 1.6 diesel is the right choice for those who prefer lower consumption and make long trips regularly.

Comfortable, well equipped, with unrivalled aesthetics and a seven-year warranty, the Proceed is the most expressive Kia in the whole range.


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