Meet the New BMW i7, the first generation of the b...

Meet the New BMW i7, the first generation of the brand’s 100% electric Luxury Cars

New BMW i7

By: Guilherme Marques

Luxury redefined: There is a whole new segment of luxury cars yet to be invented and the BMW i7 is the perfect start

The debut of the new generation of BMW’s range-topper introduces the first 100% electric version of the German saloon, the revolutionary i7.

A modern reinterpretation of the luxury concept, the i7 reflects what BMW believes is the epitome of a vehicle that combines the most advanced technologies with the social transformation aspect that is implicit in the transition to all-electric mobility.

Essential tested the i7 xDrive 60 version, with one electric motor per axle, a 102kWh battery and an autonomy of up to 625km. Its’ 5.4-metre length makes the i7 a majestic vehicle on the road and, whilst it is true that the performances are impressive, it has little interest in being the fastest or most dynamic car out there. Instead, the words that best describe this BMW are quality, prestige, luxury and avant-garde.

The i7 moves in absolute silence, completely isolating passengers from the outside world in a cocoon of fine materials such as wool or aluminium and offering the latest in safety, information and entertainment systems, including the extraordinary BMW Theatre Screen, a 31-inch screen in the rear seats that simulates a cinema room or control of all vehicle functions on tablets inserted in the rear doors.


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