The New Maserati Grecale has all it takes to be th...

The New Maserati Grecale has all it takes to be the most desirable SUV in its segment

Maserati Grecale, Trofeo Giallo Corse

By: Guilherme Marques

Maserati’s new Grecale is perfectly on trend and offers the “perfect marriage between the comfort of everyday use and performances worthy of a super sports car”

The two biggest trends in today’s car market are clear for all to see: on the one hand, the proliferation of the hybrid model and fully electric cars as a solution for a sustainable future of human mobility; on the other, the continuous shift from saloons and vans to the so-called SUVs. 

Maserati has taken another important step to keep up with both trends with the launch of the Grecale, an SUV that is positioned below the Levante, but which includes a series of new features that instantly make it the more appealing of the two, not least because, in terms of style, the Grecale is essentially a refinement of the design language debuted in the Levante and, in everything else, it is a notably more modern car. 

The Grecale has different engine options: a 2. 0-litre Turbo with electric assistance that can be found in the GT version with 300 horsepower and in the Modena version with 330 horsepower, whilst for the top-of-the-range Trofeo, Maserati uses the same V6 Biturbo as the MC20, a power unit that the Bologna brand called Nettuno and which includes combustion technology derived from Formula 1, churning out 530 horsepower and which promises a perfect marriage between the comfort of everyday use and performances worthy of a super sports car: 100km/h in 3.8 seconds and top speeds of 285km/h. All Grecale cars are equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and the all-wheel drive system is permanent. The four driving modes – Comfort, GT, Sport and Off Road – are complemented by Corsa mode on the Trofeo version. 

For 2023, there are plans for an innovative Grecale Folgore, with a 100% electric propulsion system that will be the biggest headache of the also new and 100% electric Porsche Macan. 

The Grecale’s interior is the most advanced of any Maserati to date. It excels in the quality of materials and the build, as well as the elegance of the layout, which combines Italian flair with the pragmatism and functionality of its German rivals. 

Physical buttons are virtually non-existent, with all controls moving to the four high-resolution screens that form part of the spectacular Maserati Intelligent Assistant. The Head-up Display adds another practical element and even the traditional analogue clock, usually present on the Maserati dashboard, has been replaced by a digital smartwatch. 

Stunning in every aspect, the new Grecale ensures a bright future for one of the most emblematic brands in the entire industry.  


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