Piano and Electronics Duo perform “There’s no Know...

Piano and Electronics Duo perform “There’s no Knowing” at Cineteatro Louletano


The Duo led by Joana Gama, piano, and Luís Fernandes, electronics, will present their new work “There’s No Knowing” at the Cineatro Louletano on Saturday, January 29

This intriguing piece of music was originally composed for the soundtrack of the RTP television seriesCassandra” and was a collaboration between Joana and Luís.

The duo has recorded under the Shhpuma label. Their discography includes Harmonies, recorded in 2016, in which they worked the heritage of Satie with Ricardo Jacinto, and the 2018 recording At the Still Point of the Turning World. More recently, they collaborated with an orchestra in Textures & Lines.

Joana was born in Braga in 1983. She received her PhD from the University of Évora. Joana has wide musical interests and has collaborated with a number of musicians on projects both in Portugal and abroad. She has been fascinated by the music of Erik Satie, the Paris-born composer.

She marked the 150th anniversary of his birth with two albums (Satie.150 and Arcueil) and then gave three recitals of his piece Vexations. These were noted for their duration – 15 hours, 14 hours and seven hours, respectively.

Luís Fernandes was also born in Braga. He is a musician, sound artist and cultural programmer. Luís is the founder of the band Peixe:Avião of the projects The Astroboy and Landforms.

Luís composes music for cinema and various installations that were shown at the Festivals of Cannes, Locarno and the Triennale di Milano. He is artistic director of the Semibreve Festival and Gnration.

Additional Information

The concert starts at 9pm. Tickets, costing €10, will be on sale at the theatre and FNAC stores.

Source: Algarve Resident Newspaper

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