Essential presents the upcoming 2022 line-up of ar...

Essential presents the upcoming 2022 line-up of artists bringing their work to the Algarve with Artcatto

Silvio Porzionato

By: Ben Austin

As usual, Artcatto has a packed and exciting programme of exhibitions planned for 2022 and will welcome guests back to in-person openings to both the gallery in Loulé and at the Conrad Algarve hotel. In addition to the gallery’s stable of highly collected artists, such as Pedro Guimarães and Dom Pattinson, both of whom will be showing over Easter, Artcatto will be introducing five new international artists over the summer — Auguste, Paul Sibuet, Joseph, Silvio Porizionato and Carole Feuerman.

“Throughout my many years in the art business, I have always strived to source new and inspiring artists for the gallery,” states Gillian Catto, owner and founder. “Therefore, myself and Frederic Ponte are thrilled to be able to present a new raft of incredibly talented artists into our programme at Artcatto. These selected artists are highly sought after, with an impressive international following. The artists reflect the gallery’s commitment to showcasing only the finest art with an emphasis on Pop/Urban and Hyperrealism.”


In July at the gallery in Loulé, Artcatto will be showing artworks by Auguste and Paul Sibuet. For Frenchman Auguste, his fascination with popular culture began at an early age. His work is a collage of Americana, a mash-up of Pop Culture, with icons, cartoons, logos and brands forming a visual smorgasbord of images. In his Puzzle series, an instantly recognisable outline figure is cut out and mounted on the wall near the piece. A splat-flattened Wile E. Coyote hitting a wall, or the silhouette form of Mickey Mouse are all part of the jigsaw puzzle effect and create a dialogue between the cutout and the source.

Paul Sibuet

Paul Sibuet, also from France, uses masterpieces, such as an abstraction by Piet Mondrian and creates a sculptural interpretation, by placing the reproduction within a context of artists’ materials arranged on a shelf, all white save for a splattering of the pure colours found in the Mondrian. Sibuet signature motif is that a suspended paint pot with the brightly coloured paint frozen in mid-pour. What interests the artist here is the effects of gravity and the viscosity, the patterns created on the floor as the paint spreads out like liquid mercury.


Also in July, Artcatto will be exhibiting the works of Joseph at Conrad Algarve. This Parisian-born artist trained in architecture and studied at the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts. His text-based work plays with slogans, mantras and song lyrics cut into steel or a mirror.

Silvio Porzionato

The exhibition will also feature the works of Silvio Porzionato, a highly acclaimed Italian artist and another gallery newcomer. His bright street-style figurative paintings have won him the Mondadori Art Prize, the critics’ prize in the Saluzzo Art Prize and a permanent commission at the Museum of Urban Art in Turin. In 2011, he was selected for the 54th Venice Biennale and his work appears in many international private collections.

Carole Feuerman

Joining them will be Carole Feuerman, an important sculptor and key proponent of the Hyperrealism movement of the ’70s along with artists like Duane Hanson. Feuerman’s bathing suited and swimming capped female figures, balanced on a beach ball or elegantly resting on an inflatable are reminiscent of 1950s glamour shots and advertising campaigns. This is partly due to Feuerman’s background in illustration, and she famously created album cover designs for Alice Cooper and The Rolling Stones. Over the years Feuerman has won numerous awards. In 2015 two of her sculptures, DurgaMa and Leda and the Swan were included in the Venice Biennale. Her incredible work can be found in the collections of former US President Bill Clinton and former Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Michael Gorbachev Art Foundation, the State Hermitage museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Malcolm Forbes Magazine Collection.

“The new year promises to be a sensational one for Artcatto and hopefully for the whole of the Algarve,” says Gillian Catto.

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