The newly formed Artlink Collective is gearing up ...

The newly formed Artlink Collective is gearing up for the summer

Quinta da Tor collective art exhibition, Algarve Portugal

The Artlink Collective will showcase their first exhibition this June 29th, with guest artists welcome to join

After a very successful exhibition at Quinta da Tôr wine estate, the collective formed a partnership with Aderita Silva, manager of the ARTISTIC SPACE in Vale do Lobo.

The first venture will be an exhibition to be held at Hotel Vale D’el Rei, in Carvoeiro, which is part of the ARTISTIC SPACE gallery.

According to the partnering artists, Artlink Collective “is now completely engaged in promoting and managing artists in the Algarve by providing venues and platforms and, in so doing, allowing artists to showcase their work“.

The Artlink Collective is a visual arts collective of artists living in and around the centre of the Algarve to showcase their passion and diversity and give exposure to a full spectrum of styles, that includes painting, photography, sculpture, and digital composition.

Their mission? To provide local artists with the opportunity to participate in collective or solo exhibitions and events, or in collaboration with other established art collectives and art galleries.

“By encouraging one-on-one engagements with art lovers, collectors, and potential buyers, collective aims to provide the context that gives value to each piece of art work, embracing the advantages of digital technology and the use of social media as a premier promotional platforms,” said organisers.

The Artlink Collective will showcase their first venture this June 29th, and everyone is invited to join.

Guest artists are invited to participate in two-week slots in the first month or second, or one slot in both, with 4 pieces.

For additional information to join, please contact [email protected]

Follow Artlink Collective on Instagram.

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