Better than ever: The new Porsche Cayenne SUV

Better than ever: The new Porsche Cayenne SUV

Better than ever The new Porsche Cayenne SUV

By: Guilherme Marques   

The Cayenne is undoubtedly still among the best cars in the world, but it is more beautiful, refined and efficient than ever before 

Essential Algarve went to Barcelona to test drive the new Cayenne, the SUV that Porsche insists on improving every time it decides to renew the model.

The third generation has undergone a profound restyling, with significant changes in its aesthetics, new front and rear bumpers, a new bonnet and a more aggressive and sporty profile.

The rear lights have taken on a three-dimensional look and there are a host of new designs for the wheels.

Inside, the steering wheel has been redesigned, as has the curved screen, and there is a new range of materials and finishes available. 

The hybrid version, the most relevant these days, now boasts 304 horsepower from the fabulous V6 engine, while the electric motor adds 176 horsepower. The combined performance is 470 horsepower and the electric range almost doubles to 90 kilometres in urban driving. 

At the wheel, comfort meets the German brand’s typical sporting flair, creating a unique package that continues to enthral customers all over the world. Since its launch, Porsche has already found more than 1,250,000 buyers for the Cayenne and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

In a world of SUVs, there are a lot of choices, but the Cayenne is still as relevant today as the day it was introduced to the world.  


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