BMW to the Core: Exploring the new 3 Series

BMW to the Core: Exploring the new 3 Series

By: Guilherme Marques

In an ever-expanding range, the new 3 Series shows it is still the centre of the BMW universe

If there was ever a model that has always defined BMW, that would be the 3 Series. As the eternal reference in the sports saloon segment, the 3 Series remains the German manufacturer’s chief model — after all, it represents a quarter of their overall sales — and the one that should encapsulate the most important elements of the BMW DNA in its genes.

Now on its seventh generation, the 3 Series is, as it has always been, an evolution of its predecessor, climbing yet another step in every quality aspect and with even more options and choices in a model that honours the commitment to provide an unparalleled driving experience.

With two petrol options and three diesel, with two- and three-litre engines and between 150-265 horsepower, the new model is a spectacular foundation for the long- awaited M3, which should be ready in 2020 with 500 horsepower.

Since 1975, BMW has perfected the formula of the sports car disguised as an executive, and this 3 Series is the debugging of this concept mixed with 45 years of evolution, knowledge and experience. The result never disappoints but the new 3 is even better than expected and a sign that those with the know-how, never forget.


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