For Mazda, RF means Really Fabulous

For Mazda, RF means Really Fabulous

By: Guilherme Marques

The new RF allows those who need a car with a hardtop roof to enjoy the pleasures of an MX-5. Excellent idea, Mazda

The fourth generation of the MX-5, named ND, is a triumph. There is no other car in the segment capable of competing with the small Japanese roadster in terms of driving pleasure, engineering ingenuity or aesthetic appeal. Two years after its launch, Mazda has now expanded the range with an interesting RF – Retractable Fastback – version, which aims to offer the benefits of a coupé without losing the convertible component. In order to do that, it uses a curious retractable hardtop which, when closed, turns the MX-5 into a quieter two-seater sports car, capable of travelling long distances with more comfort and, when retracted, transforms it into something similar to a semi-convertible targa, allowing passengers to enjoy the pleasures of an open-sky drive.

The engines stayed the same, with the 1.5 with 131 horsepower the entry-level range and the 2.0 with 160 horsepower the top. The latter also received a new optional six-speed automatic gearbox. The MX-5 isn’t better or worse than the roadster. It is different, it is bold and it is very, very interesting. Either way, the differences between the two can only benefit potential customers, who now see their choices increase. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain: it will be a fabulous car.


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