Meet the Clubman, the best Mini of its generation

Meet the Clubman, the best Mini of its generation

By: Guilherme Marques

The Clubman is the latest model from the Mini compound, providing a unique option for families that insist upon a certain kind of lifestyle

Stockholm was the city chosen by Mini to reveal to the world’s press the ­second generation of the Clubman and ­Essential was there to meet the new member of BMW Group’s most daring family. With increased size marking the model’s new direction, the Clubman has become a family estate for real, which will no doubt seal its sales success, seeing as it stands alone in this premium compact segment. The new Clubman retains all the distinctive features that make it a proper Mini, such as bold looks, cosmopolitan image and powerful emotions at the wheel, while adding a dash of maturity that fits it like a glove.

The design is more consistent than controversial, especially in its stunning proportions, which are far more appealing that those of the five-door Mini or the Countryman. In fact, the Clubman is the most alluring Mini of the moment in terms of looks, with details such as the rear lights and the  C-pillar trim creating an image different from anything else you can find on the market and investing the largest of the Minis with its own, very strong personality, certain to secure it a legion of fans, outstripping that of the previous generation. Having grown in every dimension, the car provides passengers with much more space, five doors instead of four, while retaining its rear split doors, a trademark that could never be replaced.

The interior is modelled on the rest of the range and combines increased space with quality and the already-­mentioned irreverence typical to the brand. With two petrol engines in the Cooper and Cooper S and three diesel engines in the One D, Cooper D and Cooper SD, the Clubman offers the same sensations at the wheel as the other members of the Mini family and the same sprinkle of fairy dust that makes every Mini a car unlike any other. Nevertheless, it is more comfortable on long journeys than the other Minis and more practical in everyday yet important tasks, such as taking the kids to school or filling the boot with shopping bags. Agile in the city, smooth on the road and attractive in the garage, the Clubman is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Mini of its generation.


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