The new Black Badge Ghost is the most advanced Rol...

The new Black Badge Ghost is the most advanced Rolls-Royce ever produced

By: Guilherme Marques

The new Black Badge Ghost is the embodiment of Rolls-Royce’s post-opulence concept

Rolls-Royce is a brand like no other on the global car scene, making its own interpretation of what constitutes as luxury. The most exclusive model in its range, the new Black Badge Ghost aims to create a close, emotional connection with customers.

According to Rolls-Royce, this is the most advanced car the brand has ever produced and it embodies its alter-ego: assertive, dynamic and powerful.

The v12, 6.75-litre engine can now deliver 600 horsepower and an impressive 900Nm torque. The brand says it has tweaked the chassis and powertrain to make the Black Badge Ghost more exciting for the driver — and this is a key element for this model, as it sets itself apart from others by being aimed at those who actually prefer to drive their Rolls-Royce.

The catalogue of 44,000 hues includes the darkest black in the industry, the result of an astonishing 45kg of paint, two coats of varnish and hand-polishing by four craftsmen.

Inside, 850 stars light up the fascia of the dashboard, whilst a series of materials patented by the English brand offer an absolutely unique and unrepeatable experience; as per the Rolls-Royce essence.


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