The Forever Young Porsche Macan’s latest res...

The Forever Young Porsche Macan’s latest restyling

Porsche Macan

By: Guilherme Marques 

The restyling of the Macan model by Porsche brings a new look with a totally new front and modern 3D headlights at the back

The new Macan is not exactly new but it is still the most appealing model of its segment for those who prioritise the driving experience. The Macan has been a tremendous commercial success for Porsche ever since its launch in 2014. Positioned just below the Cayenne, the Macan was initially met with some apprehension: could a compact SUV encapsulate the Porsche spirit?

Naturally, that discussion was proved completely fruitless as the German brand has sold more than 600,000 units of the model to date, 80% of which to brand-new buyers. The Macan became the benchmark for sporty, compact SUVs and showed that the market was ready for an entry-level Porsche that could perfectly combine practicality with the quality, image, and performance you expect from a vehicle with the brand’s logo.

In Portugal, the 8,500 units sold reflect the Macan’s success, emphasised by the fact that the sales curve is always on the upswing, with 2020 being the model’s best year ever in our country: 900 buyers sat behind the wheel of their new Porsche Macan.

Essential Algarve attended the national unveiling of the Macan’s latest restyling, which aims to preserve the engineering and technology of the current model until the launch of the 100% electric model, which will be unveiled in 2022 and will arrive to dealerships in early 2023. This does not mean the end of the gasoline models, which will remain in the catalogue for as long as it makes sense for customers of the German brand.

The Turbo is no longer an option, so the range now features the GTS version as the top model, with 440 horsepower, going from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, for top speeds of 272 km/h. The Macan and Macan S are also more powerful.

As for aesthetics, the Macan looks even more aggressive with a totally new front, where the air intake system, the LED headlights and the trim in the same colour as the body stand out. On the GTS, these finishes come in black. At the rear, the new diffuser is even more important and the new 3D headlights help to create a sense of modernity in a model that is already seven years old. There is also a whole range of new rims to choose from.

Behind the wheel, the new Macan keeps to the usual formula: exemplary dynamics, a performance worthy of the Porsche name and a unique ability to hide its weight and size and deliver immense driving pleasure. Its success is sure to continue in 2022.


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