Round One — Hyundai: Exploring the Hyundai N

Round One — Hyundai: Exploring the Hyundai N

By: Guilherme Marques

Hyundai N is ready to rattle those who thought the Koreans did not make sports cars

How can a brand with zero sporting pedigree create, out of nowhere, an insignia capable of competing with the best that have been around for 40 years? The answer: by convincing the vice president of the M department at BMW to pack up and move to South Korea and give them all the necessary tools to do just that.

Albert Biermann accepted the challenge and, not even four years later, the results are in. The i30N is the first in a series of models looking to bridge the gap between the competition team Hyundai races at the World Rally Championship and road cars. The N brand wants to be to Hyundai what the M is to BMW or the AMG to Mercedes and, surprisingly or not, they nailed it at the first attempt.

The i30N is a fearless, compact sports car which provides an amazing driving experience. The two-litre turbo engine generates 275 horsepower for the Performance model (250 for the basic version) and is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox.

The first N in history drives, bends and brakes as well or better than the competition. And it is comfortable enough to take the children to school. Round one goes to Hyundai.

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