Uncover the stories behind one of the world’...

Uncover the stories behind one of the world’s most incredible car collections

© Michael Furman 1

By: Cátia Matos

Photo: Michael Furman

“Iconic: Art, Design, Advertising, and the Automobile” is the new book from the publishers Assouline

The latest release from the publishers Assouline highlights the incredible car collection of Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist Miles S. Nadal.

“Iconic Art, Design, Advertising, and the Automobile” book

With photographs by renowned photographer Michael Furman and words by award–winning author Ken Gross, Iconic: Art, Design, and the Automobile brings together the official stories of each car, taking the reader on a kind of tour of the Dare to Dream museum in Toronto, Canada, the home of this vast collection, comprising 130 classic, modern, iconic and unique vehicles.

© Michael Furman

In addition to the stories of the iconic models, ranging from an Aston Martin DB5 to a 2015 Porsche 918m to a Jaguar E-Type, the book also features a set of interviews with famous figures linked to the automotive world, such as Bruce Meyer, Jay Leno, Mark Trostle and Chris Bangle.

© Michael Furman

Composed of 341 pages and 200 illustrations, Iconic: Art, Design, and the Automobile also explores the main features that can make a car an “iconicpiece and takes a look at the emblematic advertising of marketing genius Chuck Porter, analysing the relationship between cars and the advertising world and trying to understand how the latter can shape the public perception of the automobile as an object of desire.

© Michael Furman

From supercars to Ferrari, from Ford to Porsche and the latest electric cars, this book covers all the most significant brands, eras and events in the automotive world.


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