Vila Vita’s Ocean and Atlântico restaurants ...

Vila Vita’s Ocean and Atlântico restaurants reopen with exciting new creations

Vila Vita Parc Atlântico Restaurant, Algarve

A new season has begun at Vila Vita Parc Resort’s fine dining restaurants, which promise guests new menus and exciting experiences

Ocean, the resort’s two-Michelin-starred restaurant led by renowned chef Hans Neuner will feature a new tasting menu entitled ‘Memories of Brazil’.

Chef Hans Neuner and his team visited Brazil at the beginning of the year to construct the new menu that is based on the “unique characteristics and influences of Brazilian gastronomy”, the luxury resort stated.

The “knowledge and flavours of Brazilian cuisine” that the chef and his team learned have been combined with his “signature bold technique” to create the new menu, which features “12 distinct moments”.

Ocean Moqueca Skate Fish Foto Stils Portugal

Among the highlights are “traditional cheese bread” and an “Ocean Style variation on the classics – a lobster ‘Feijoada’ (bean stew), pork belly, chorizo ‘moqueca’ (traditional stew), skate fish, red shrimp, and trout roe.

This latest menu is the successor to last year’s offerings, which took diners on an “inspiring journey to India” and explored the “exchange of influences and flavours that is still very present today in Portuguese cuisine”.

“Alcatra” | “Massa Sovada” | Onions | Bone Marrow – inspired by Terceira Island, Azores

This year’s menu can be considered a continuation of the narrative started three years ago with ‘Discovering Portugal‘, a journey from the north to the south of the country, followed by the ‘Island Editionmenu, a leap from the mainland to the islands of the Azores, Madeira and São Tomé, and then the ‘Journey to Goa’. These projects have been a continuous invitation to navigate between charismatic dishes, typical ingredients and, above all, influences in Portuguese gastronomy that remain until today.

The wine pairing will be in the hands of sommelier Ricardo Rodrigues, who is “always guided by a careful selection of national and international wines, with a preference for limited and exclusive productions, unique opportunities for all appreciators and gourmands”.

The menu is priced at €265/pp and offers a pairing option for €165/pp. Ocean serves dinners only, from Wednesday to Sunday, 7pm to 10pm. Reservations can be made by visiting Ocean restaurant website.

Atlântico Restaurant

As for Vila Vita’s Atlântico restaurant, this new season chef João Viegas will bring “exciting new pescatarian creations and put vegetable protein at the forefront of his dishes”.

The restaurant will continue to “showcase authentic Algarve ingredients and gastronomic traditions”.

“As a compliment to the richness of fresh ingredients from the countryside and the sea that the Algarve has to offer, the chef focuses on a sustainable and balanced menu, inspired by the sea, and land,” the resort says in a statement.

Among the restaurant’s starters are “delectable dishes” such as beetroot tartar with grapefruit, root vegetables and white horseradish with mustard, prawn brioche with coriander and fried garlic, and marinated squid with black sepia bread and samphire.

Reservations can be made by visiting Atlântico restaurant website. Atlântico restaurant opens from Saturday to Wednesday from 7pm to 10.30pm.


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