The perfume inspired by the Portuguese orange

The perfume inspired by the Portuguese orange

The first fragrance in Lourenço Lucena’s own name pays tribute to the citrus family and, in particular, to the sweet and succulent Algarve orange

Having created bespoke perfumes for companies and individuals through L’Parfumeur for some time now, Lourenço Lucena has now launched himself onto the broader market with his own name. Acqua di Portokáli, the name given to the perfume, comes from the Greek word for orange.

Out of curiosity, this wonderful fruit originally comes from India, where it was known as narang, and arrived in Europe through China at the hands of Portuguese sailors in the 16th century. For this reason, the orange is known in several languages by the name of the country that introduced it.

Part of the Eaus de Portugal lineage, whose common thread is also the citrus family, this Portokáli stands out for its simplicity. The top notes are markedly of fat, juicy orange, very close to the real thing, tempered with citrusy scents of bergamot and lemon, which gain ground as they evolve. It finishes in white rose that replaces the vibrancy with sensuality, and lasts for some time until the appeasing cedar wood takes care of the base notes.

Contained in a black bottle, in keeping with the sophistication and contemporary quality with which the perfumer endowed it, the perfume can be found at Embassy Niche Perfumery in Lisbon.

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