100 Great Portuguese Wines, a must read book!

100 Great Portuguese Wines, a must read book!

100 Great Portuguese Wines book cover

The best Portuguese wines to discover and enjoy, carefully selected by wine critic and journalist Maria João de Almeida

Penned by journalist and wine critic Maria João de Almeida, the book “100 Great Portuguese Wines“, published by Zest Books, includes a careful selection of the best Portuguese wines. A task that proved to be difficult for the author, given the enormous quality of nationally produced wines.

“Several times, I found myself between a stone and a hard place when I had to choose this or that wine. But life is like that, made up of choices, and I know that the range of wines chosen is a source of great pride for Portugal”, says the journalist.

The result of countless hours of tastings and conversations, this book reveals the stories of many national producers and the different production methods, while explaining the reasons that lead each winemaker to make a particular wine in a specific way. “It’s been many years dedicated to the world of wine. And it was only with these accumulated years that I dared to think of a project of this nature, which requires a deep knowledge of the offering that exists in the market. It was, without a doubt, a book that was needed. We’re internationally visible; industry professionals already recognise the great quality of our wines, but here is still a great deal of work to be done with the general public (…) The idea that must prevail among consumers worldwide is not the cheap price of our wines, it’s our quality. A quality represented here by premium and top-of-the-range wines that result from our genuine terroirs and many of our varieties.”


With a preface by the English wine critic Julia Harding (Master of Wine) and the president of ViniPortugal, Frederico Falcão, the book “100 Great Portuguese Wines” is published separately in two languages, English and Portuguese, with national and international distribution, and features the design of the M&A Creative Agency and final graphic production by VOX. 

The book was released on November 12, at the Altis Grand Hotel, and can be purchased through the Zest Books website or in bookstores.

Follow Maria João de Almeida’s website for more wine reviews. 

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