Sauv Blanc and Gewurzt from the Douro

By: Patrick Stuart

The last time I wrote about the Sauvignon Blanc from Quinta de Cidró I did not give it a very positive review. This was a good few years ago and the wine in question was the 2011, which was not just oaked but, in my opinion, severely over-oaked.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case and the Sauv Blanc made by this Douro producer is now a very respectable wine. Unlike many of the Sauv Blancs being produced here in Portugal, especially further south, this is not an over expressive wine in the New World style but rather a subtle and fresh white, more in the style of a Sancerre.

I also recently picked up a bottle of their Gewurztraminer and was similarly impressed. This is a bone-dry rendition of Gewurzt, with the trademark floral notes on the nose and excellent acidity, an ideal wine to pair with seafood or with spicy food. Both are widely available at better supermarkets, priced at around €13 and €15 respectively.


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