Algarve Tech Hub Summit starts this March 28

Algarve Tech Hub Summit starts this March 28

Algarve Tech Hub Summit, photo by Unsplash

Photo: Unsplash, Product School

Algarve Tech Hub Summit, an innovation and technology summit, aims to attract investment to the region and to position the Algarve as a global and competitive technology hub

According to organisers, the Algarve Tech Hub Summit seeks to “position the Algarve as a global and competitive technology hub, able to attract companies, institutions and individuals from various economic sectors”, pointed out Vanessa Nascimento of Algarve Evolution, one of the organising associations behind the initiative.

The event will have a hybrid format, online and in-person, taking place in several venues in Faro and Loulé featuring around 50 national and international speakers from 10 countries, spanning an array of sectors such as “technology, tourism, innovation, energy, sea, agri-food, health, digital, art, and culture”.

The full programme with all events, dates and venues can be viewed here.

“Apart from Europe, Latin America will have a strong participation in this meeting, which will take place in the format of conferences and debates, and which will also serve to analyse where we are and where we are going,” said Nascimento, cited by Lusa news agency. According to the organisers, this is a topic that the region must collectively think about.

The event represents a good step forward towards the “culmination of the positioning of the Algarve as the best lifestyle destination in Europe for companies and individuals dedicated to technology”, according to Vanessa Nascimento.

“It will identify talents and attract international interest groups, namely strategic investors, the scientific community, and digital nomads,” she added.

“We still need to work hard and together with all entities to have an innovative and economically more diverse Algarve,” Nascimento said before inviting everyone “to join this and future events”.

Organisers hope that the event can act as a ‘think-thank’ and lead to the development of successful projects in the Algarve

The initiative is part of the strategy to “strengthen the regional technological ecosystem”, developed by the University of the Algarve and the associations Algarve STP and Algarve Evolution.

Their overriding goal is to consolidate the Algarve Tech Hub (ATH) brand and bring the Algarve to the forefront of building a “winning strategy for a digital region”, which is “recognised and competitive on a global scale”.

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