Winners of the World Trailer Awards announced in V...

Winners of the World Trailer Awards announced in Vilamoura

Sonia Balacó presenting World Trailer Awards 2022

Photo: by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

Vilamoura was the centre stage of the World Trailer Awards this February, with winners including ‘Ozark’, ‘Last Night In Soho’ and ‘The Tomorrow War’

The World Trailer Awards, which took place at the Tivoli Vilamoura Marina on Saturday the 26th of February, was the first-ever WTA brought to the Algarve, with Spy Manor Productions working behind the scenes to bring the event to the Algarve via media partner Deadline, as Peter Ogunsalu of Spy Manor Productions has been in discussions with Evelyn Brady-Watters, Co-founder of the 21-year-old GTA’s Golden Trailer Awards, to launch the World Trailer Awards in the Algarve region for some time.

Streamed on Sunday the 27th of February at around 21.30, the event has already created quite a stir, promoting the Algarve as a hot location for the industry.

The World Trailer Awards were launched as an international edition of The Golden Trailers award show and aim to “honour outstanding marketing excellence in 32 categories across cinema, television, gaming, podcasting & radio, streaming and social media”.

Winners of The World Trailer Awards were awarded top prizes in the form of innovative NFT art pieces for delivering stand-out marketing content for their global entertainment sector at the World Trailer Awards inaugural annual awards ceremony.

The event was presented by the Portuguese actor Sónia Balacó, and the Regional Winners were selected by a high-profile international jury that consisted of top-level directors, producers, actors, writers, executives and advertising creatives.

Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

Evelyn Brady-Watters, Co-founder of the GTA’s Golden Trailer Awards, stated, “We’re thrilled to announce the Regional finalists for the inaugural World Trailer Awards and grateful for the opportunity to showcase their outstanding work and announce the overall winners in the beautiful and culturally rich Vilamoura.”

The World Trailer Awards is an event that honours the outstanding achievements of the world’s best creatives, marketing the world’s best entertainment across Cinema, TV, Gaming, Podcast & Radio, Streaming Services and Social Media, celebrating the strategic and creative excellence of the entertainment marketers and creatives delivering audiences for the entertainment industry worldwide.

Vanda Everke, Spy Manor Productions | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

“It has indeed been a tremendous honour to bring the WTA to the Algarve! As with everything we do, our primary goal is to put the Algarve on the map as a versatile, accessible and welcoming filming location. We are passionate about this region and contributing to turning it into one of the most spectacular lifestyle destinations”, said Vanda Everke, CEO of Spy Manor Productions, which played a key role in bringing the event to the Algarve.

Trudy Bellinger | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

Trudy Bellinger, keynote speaker, stated that “The World Trailer Awards, are creating an incredible community of global marketing talent. They are the marketing content creators who should be recognised, and some of them are and will emerge as important global voices.”

Susie Fraser and Dean Wheeler | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

Executive Director of the World Trailer Awards, Dean Wheeler, said organisers are “delighted to create the awards environment for the world’s amazing and often unacknowledged talent that creates entertainment marketing. Regardless of how difficult these last two years have been, we’re humbled to honour the spectacular work of creative industry professionals whose skills shine through and continue to inspire everyone to engage with the world of entertainment.”

Among the industry executives presenting honours Saturday were Kelly Warnell, Head of Entertainment at Hearst UK; Karen Nunn, CEO of Strategem; and Micaela Romanini, Vigamus Foundation VD.

Vanda Everke, Spy Manor Productions and Helder Marcelino Tivoli | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions

According to organisers, guests in attendance included Matt Brubaker, CEO and creative director of Trailer Park Worldwide; Evelyn Brady-Watters, executive director of the Golden Trailer Awards.


‘Last Night in Soho’ – a 2021 psychological thriller by Edgar Wright – was one of the winners of the night. Joe Argent from Zealot UK won two awards in the Cinema categories for Best Online Advertising and Best Outdoor Advertising for his work on the film’s advertising.

Netflix also had a successful night, with crime drama ‘Ozark’ winning for Outdoor Advertising in the Streaming category, miniseries ‘Halston’ receiving Best Trailer and documentary ‘Cocaine Boys’ being awarded Best Poster.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video’sTomorrow War’ won for Best Experiential Marketing.

Here is the full list of winners:


Presented by Kelly Warnell of Hurst.

  • Best Online Advertising
    Archie Walker
    Netflix Documentaries (Ignition Creative London)
  • Best Trailer
    Kelly Adelman
    Halston (Trailer Park Group)
  • Best Outdoor Advertising
    Danièle Morkel, Andrew Lerma and Kristine Yan
    Ozark Season 4 (Netflix Creative Studio U.S.)
  • Best Poster
    Danièle Morkel
    Cocaine Cowboys (Netflix Creative Studio U.S.)
  • Best Experiential Marketing
    Heather McClure
    The Tomorrow War (Prime Video)


Kelly Warnell and Sónia Balacó | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions


Presented by Peter Ogunsalu of Spy Manor Productions.

  • Best Trailer
    Luca Dalco
    Martha is Dead (Wired Productions & LKA)


Peter Ogunsalu | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions


Presented by Vanda Everke of Spy Manor Productions.

  • Best Online Advertising
    Andrew Snook
    The Courier (Silk Factory)
  • Best Experiential Marketing
    Will Handley
    Seven Samurai (The Picture Production Company)



Presented by Karen Nunn of Stratagem.

  • Best Poster
    George Smith
    Look Away (Ignition Creative London)
  • Best Print Advertising
    Mikko Toivonen
    Europe From Above (The Walt Disney Company Nordic & Baltic)
  • Best Online Advertising
    Aaron Kelly
    The Serpent (Think Jam)


Sónia Balacó and Karen Nunn | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions


Presented by Micaela Romanini from Vigamus.

  • Best Poster
    Adam Cockerton
    Mein Sohn (The Dream Factory Film Advertising GmbH)
  • Best Online Advertising
    Joe Argent
    Last Night In Soho (Zealot UK)
  • Best Outdoor Advertising
    Joe Argent
    Last Night In Soho (Zealot UK)
  • Best Experiential Marketing
    Gautam Ahuja and Mayura Tripathi
    83 – The Film (Reliance Entertainment Studios Pvt. Ltd. & Phantom Films Pvt. Ltd.)
  • Best Trailer
    Walter Bienz
    River (The Solid State)


Sónia Balacó and Micaela Romanini World Trailer Awards 2022 | Photo by Tania Guerreiro for Spy Manor Productions


  • Marco According Rickards of Vigamus
  • Oliver Meneses of Showbeast
  • Luis Miguel Messianu of Alma
  • Emma Ruth Garciapena of SMG Serrano Marketing Group
  • Carey Fitzgerald of Silver Mountain Productions
  • Adam Rainford, Senior Editor & Screenwriter
  • Jill Rosenberg of Idea Central
  • Alejandro Giorlando of FrameZero
  • Michael Lim of Singapore Film Society
  • Nicolas Lazarus of Content Creator Studios
  • Victor Parra of Kinetoscopia Films
  • Steven Luchel, Film Director
  • Patricia Vergara of Solo en Cines
  • Irungu Ochieng’ of Damaris
  • Kelly Warnell of The Stunt Alliance and Hurst Entertainment
    & Micaela Romanini of Vigamus


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