Algarve shines bright in Best of the Best in TripA...

Algarve shines bright in Best of the Best in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Awards

TripAlgarve shines bright in Best of the Best Advisor's Travelers' Awards

The Algarve is sitting pretty with several entries in a series of listings of Top 25 Hotels in Portugal in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Awards Best of the Best.

The region is particularly well regarded as a family destination, with 13 entries in the Top 25 Hotels for Families category.

The Algarve is also featured in the Small Hotels category (2); Hotels for Romance (3); B&Bs and Inns (4); overall Top Hotels in Portugal (4); Luxury Hotels (5); Service (6); and Bargain Hotels (12).

Popular destinations such as Vila Vita Parc, Conrad Algarve and EPIC Sana are, unsurprisingly, mentioned in several categories.

Elsewhere, Alvor was named as an emerging destination. “This former fishing village on Portugal’s southern coast has become a popular resort,” reads the website. “Spend a day on Alvor’s main beach, or find one of the smaller, secluded coves along the coastline. In the evening, stroll through the town’s narrow cobblestone streets, dine on fresh local seafood, and enjoy live music at one of the many lively bars.”

You can peruse all the lists here.

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