€2.6 million to fight coastal erosion in Lagos and...

€2.6 million to fight coastal erosion in Lagos and Portimão

By: Michael Bruxo

Over €2.6 million-worth of works to fight erosion and protect the coast are to be carried out at five beaches in Portimão and Lagos.

In Portimão, the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) is planning to replenish sand at the Vau, Três Castelos, Amado and Careanos beaches. The works, which aim to protect the cliffs at these four beaches, are expected to cost over €1.2 million.

Further west in Lagos, the local council is investing €1.4 million to “rehabilitate and recover” the dunes at Meia Praia. Included in the plan is the construction of a four-kilometre elevated boardwalk which will run parallel to the coast from the Lagos breakwater to the Palmares golf course.

The goal is to make it easier to walk along the beach while also making sure the dunes are protected from the stomping of beachgoers.

Also planned is the creation of structures to “retain sand” and the removal of the ground-creeping succulent known in Portugal as ‘chorões’ or in English as ice plants (Carpobrotus edulis).

As the beach is under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA), the council had to sign an “inter-administrative contract” with the agency in order to get the project going.

CM reports that 75% of the costs o both projects will be covered by community funding.

Source: The Portugal Resident

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