Grand House Algarve starts 2020 in “Grand”

Grand House Algarve starts 2020 in “Grand”

A cycle of culinary dinners will celebrate the hotel’s inaugural year

The year kicks off in “Grand” in Vila Real de Santo António, with a culinary cycle of “Grand Dinners” marking the beginning of 2020 at the eastern Algarve boutique hotel. On February 7 — the day Grand House Algarve marks a year since its inauguration, following the refurbishment of the 1926 historic building  — the event welcomes chef Tiago Bonito (from the Largo do Paço restaurant, in Amarante, with one Michelin star ). The first guest of Grand Salon is chef Jan Stechemesser, with two memorable dinners. Both venues belong to the prestigious hotel association Relais & Châteaux.

On February 7 and 8, the Grand Salon will welcome two four-course dinners that combine the art of chefs Stechemesser and Bonito. A sensorial trip through the north and south of Portugal, with six moments exploring the country’s geography, from Amarante, cradle of Casa da Calçada (a luxury hotel from the 16th century) to Vila Real de Santo António, home of the Grand House Algarve. Seasonal products and sustainability will be two key features of this dinner, and producer Colinas do Douro, in Douro Superior, will take over wine pairing.

“I look forward and am very happy to start this culinary cycle and open the doors of the Grand Salon to influences from other parts of the country and even from abroad. Meetings between different paths and viewpoints are always enriching,”says Jan Stechemesser, who has lead Grand Salon since the opening.

“For me, it’s always a fantastic challenge to discover new regions, new products, different culinary traditions and work with chefs with whom I haven’t shared the kitchen yet,” says Tiago Bonito. “We always learn and everybody wins.”

LEFT: Chef Jan Stechemesser; RIGHT: Chef Tiago Bonito

Throughout the first quarter of the year, there will be more dinners with other renowned chefs at Grand House Algarve. For this first opportunity, there are 30 seats available, at €165 per person (drinks included).

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