Portugal shines at Condé Nast Reader’s Choic...

Portugal shines at Condé Nast Reader’s Choice Awards

Condé Nast readers named Portugal as their favourite country in the world. With a score of 93.39, the country was only surpassed by Italy (94.05) and Sri Lanka (93.96).

The Algarve also had its moment in the sun, with some of the region’s top resorts making it into several categories.

Vila Vita Parc was amongst the Best Spa Resorts in the US & Around the World as well as one of the Top 30 Destination Spa Resorts in the World.

The Tivoli group was highlighted in the Top 30 Resorts in Europe category, with Tivoli Lagos (16th spot with a score of 98.31), Anantara Vilamoura (21st on 98.14) and Tivoli Marina Vilamoura (25th on 96.97) making it onto the list.

The voting took place from April 1 to June 30, and voters ranked candidates based on a set of criteria relevant to each category, such as rooms, service, food, design, location, activities/facilities, and value.

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