Share Algarve returns: Speakers from around the wo...

Share Algarve returns: Speakers from around the world took to the stage in Vilamoura

Share Algarve

By: Beatriz Maio 

Photo: Beatriz Maio 

Share Algarve 2023 was held at the Algarve Congress Center, considered to be the largest marketing and innovation conference in the south of Portugal

The 2023 edition of Share Algarve 2023 was held at the Algarve Congress Centre in Vilamoura on October 22 and 23.

Several marketing and business specialists took the stage to address the crowd at an event dedicated to promoting talent, determination, and success.

The first day of the event was lively, with speakers, guests, partners, and participants being treated to a welcome party at the venue, followed by a dinner.

The International Marketing and Innovation Conference, which featured three stagesinspiration, sustainability, and startupsbrought people with common interests from around the world to the Algarve, ranging from those looking to learn about the evolution of multiple types of businesses to those interested in understanding how to attract customers, adapt to climate change, and use their resources more effectively.

The emotional and unique speeches given at Share Algarve, which challenges everyone to “expand horizons and invest in their future”, began with speaker Vanda Everke, founder of Spy Manor Real Estate, who spoke of the importance of creativity and having the desire to always go further.

Next up was technology investor Stefano Gurciullo, followed by other key speakers such as Tim Vieira, founder of the Brave Generation Academy, and Maria Barros Weiss, responsible for Digital Ecosystem Solutions at IONOS.

The stage came alive with colour and light with the presentation by Beau McLellan, owner and creative director of design studio Bybeau, who stood out for the authenticity of his journey and his natural ability to express himself in front of a crowd.

Another surprise speaker was DJ and producer Pete Tha Zouk, who shared his plans for the future, likening his job to that of a football player, with advice on investments to bridge the early end of his career.

Strategic visions were presented on all three stages, and discussions were held on topics related to artificial intelligence, sustainability, and new ideas for applications (apps).

Once again, Share Algarve promoted the creation of connections and the advantages of living in the Algarve, a location intentionally chosen by the organisers and highly valued by many speakers who emphasised how happy they are in a region where the sun is almost always shining, the climate is mild, and the beach is always nearby.


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