Whether you are moving for business or pleasure, t...

Whether you are moving for business or pleasure, the Rita Cardoso team can help you get settled in 

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Welcome to Portugal! 

Are you considering a move to Portugal as a permanent or second home? Maybe you are contemplating investing in real estate in the countryWe can assist you in making your property your best decision or investment. Helping you find the ideal location and place to live or develop your business is our goal, with a clear focus on the vibrant Algarve region. We are experient in Portuguese real estate and tax planning and our team at Rita Cardoso & Associates have successfully guided countless clients through the intricacies of property acquisition and efficient tax planning. 

Rita Cardoso, Rita Cardoso & Associates

Your journey does not end or start with the purchase itself, especially with the near ending of the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime. That is why we provide unparalleled follow-up support, guiding you through pre- and post-acquisition procedures, in order to ensure a smooth transition into your new property.  

Consider us your partners for the long haul. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions to suit your unique requirements, whether residential, commercial, or investment properties. Our proficiency spans a spectrum of property types, from residential to commercial, ensuring a smooth and legally safe transaction for our clients. Our team combines local and personal insight with a global perspective on tax planning and Real Estate Law, avoiding double taxation, as we understand the nuances of the Portuguese market and leverage.  

Our international experience will provide you with comprehensive and forward-thinking with carefully planned strategies and the team will help you navigate the intricate landscape of Portuguese tax laws and real Estate procedures with confidence and a wealth of experience. Let our team maximise your benefits while remaining fully compliant, with strategic advice to optimise tax efficiency, minimise liabilities, and ensure compliance with the latest regulations as we are fully committed to helping clients make informed decisions that align with their financial and personal objectives.   

We offer total adherence to the legal framework in Portugal if when you are ready to embrace our sunny weather and experience great food and friendly people. Make sure you do it with a team that values and understands your aspirations and needs and avoid any pitfalls of living in Portugal, we understand property transactions and tax planning may seem daunting, which is why at Rita Cardoso & Associates we always prioritise honesty and trust. 

Our transparent approach will empower you with the legal, financial and personal knowledge needed to make informed decisions. Let us gently guide you through the complex to ensure your path to property ownership and residency in Portugal is smoothly paved with success, trust and transparency.  

Are you in Portugal already? Why don’t you contact us today for a face-to-face consultation at our Portimão or Almancil office?  


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