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By: Anna Lowey

Art Academy Marina de Lagos celebrates a decade of bringing artists together

When artist Kasia Wrona established Art Academy Marina de Lagos 10 years ago, did she know she would be discussing its success one decade later? Talking to Kasia indicates she had no reason to doubt the enduring appeal of artists’ workshops or the creation of an artistic hub.

Nestled in a corner of Lagos Marina, the art academy started with the support, cooperation, and collaboration of people who shared Kasia’s vision. Indeed, it would not be what it is today without the enduring support of Ingrid and Martinho Fortunato, the owners of Lagos Marina. It was Kasia’s proposal to Ingrid about an exhibition that initiated the academy. “From the exhibition of my work, the academy grew — one event then another; from one student, one model, one by one,” she recalls. “Now we have many people attending our workshops because in this place we build culture; we give work to local models and artists to develop. It’s because of Ingrid’s support that I am able to continue this work.”


Looking to facilitate the emergence of local artists and their development, be the artist a beginner or professional, this multidisciplinary academy hosts a series of events, workshops, and exhibitions that cater to adults and children. Weekly life drawing classes enable artists to capture the lines of professional models.

The arrangement of the sessions starts with short poses that push artists to capture movement, proportions, and the feeling of a pose with only a few pencil strokes. Longer poses follow that allow artists time to study the form of anatomy, to hone their ability to create the impression of three-dimensional figures. Photographic workshops with professional photographer Jacek Ulinski and videographer Michael Lukowski enable students to enter into discussion about what makes a good photograph, to discover the secrets of composition and filming alongside practical elements like how to work a camera. Watercolourist Daniel Hasselmyr delivers two three-day watercolour workshops, and other opportunities include creative writing workshops with Ana Casco Taruselli.

With the Art Academy, there comes the opportunity to showcase work in exhibitions as well. As such, the academy similarly showcases work online, proffering a platform for would-be patrons to invest in local artists’ work.

For more information about classes and opportunities, visit the Facebook page lagosartacademy.

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