Missing Pieces exhibit at Fresco Gallery

Missing Pieces exhibit at Fresco Gallery

Fresco Gallery presents its 2020 winter show Missing Pieces

HELENA DE MEDEIROS “S/Título”. 175cm x 158cm. Ink on canvas

Exhibiting artists include Silvia Cavelti (constructive & concrete art), RÜI & Bruno Paixão (collage & photography), Bob Van Persie (crowds series), Florian (oil paintings) and Helena de Medeiros (fine arts).

FLORIAN “Front Row”. 110cm x 180cm. Oil on canvas

Due to covid restrictions, there will be no Vernissage, however, the show will open for the usual hours: 10am-1pm & 2.30pm-6pm, Monday to Friday.

SILVIA CAVELTI “Covid 19 – Locked in town”. 69.5cm x 69.5cm. Collage

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