American Groove: Jeep’s new Cherokee

American Groove: Jeep’s new Cherokee

By: Guilherme Marques

A Jeep is not for everyone, but thanks to charismatic and capable models such as the new Cherokee, more and more people are taking interest

There are some household names in the car world, and Cherokee is certainly one of them, as is the Jeep’s. Together they embody one of the most important models in American car history.

The Cherokee’s recent restyling has made it more aesthetically appealing and introduced several changes, namely in driver-assistance systems and cabin materials, which have improved considerably. More complete than ever, it also offers improved dynamic abilities on the road while maintain all the off-road power, especially in the 4×4 versions. Still, even in the 4×2 option, the Cherokee features adjustable modes for different pavements and terrain conditions, including snow and mud. The 2.2-litre and 195-horsepower diesel engine is powerful but has a moderate consumption, especially when you take into ac- count its weight and dimensions as a whole, never going over 7.5 litres in mixed routes — largely thanks to the nine-speed, automatic transmission.

The cabin has plenty of space, as does the boot, with 570-litre capacity, allowing for the aimless trips towards adventure that characterise the American manufacturer, with room for everything you need.

Well beyond the niche brand it once was, Jeep has in the Cherokee another mainstream product with excellent credentials.


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