BMW’s M760Li is an absolute masterpiece

BMW’s M760Li is an absolute masterpiece

By: Guilherme Marques

The M760Li isn’t just the best 7 Series ever. It’s also the best BMW in the history of the Bavarian brand

The M760Li is the BMW that thinks it’s a Rolls-Royce, because, in fact, it almost is. The high-end version 7, which for the first time ever received attention from the M division, is a Rolls-Royce in every way except in name: the chassis, the V12 engine with 600 horsepower, the automatic 8-speed gearbox and the beautiful infotainment iDrive system will be the basic elements for the next Phantom, which Rolls-Royce will show this year.

This means that, at the moment, the M760Li is probably the best car on the market in Portugal. Aside from its majestic appearance and a smoothness in everything it does – and which no other BMW could ever do –, the M760Li also offers staggering performances, thanks to the 12-cylinder Twin-Turbo engine and an exceptional dynamic behaviour for a saloon car over five metres long.

From the quality of the materials and the intense leather scent to the Bowers & Wilkins sound system and the screens in the back of the headrests, the car also features an incorporated fridge and integrated tablet-control of all the electronic devices. What will BMW have to do differently in the new Rolls-Royce to be the best BMW ever? It’s unimaginable.


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