Hyper Saloon: Exploring BMW’s M5

By: Guilherme Marques

The M5 was an excellent idea from BMW in the mid-1980s. And it still is just that, even as cars continue to evolve

Now in its sixth generation, the model that invented the high-performance, executive-saloon segment wants to keep its place at the top of the niche it found nearly 35 years ago. According to BMW, 600 horsepower is simply not usable in a two-tonne vehicle if the power is only transmitted to the rear axle, so the German icon made the controversial decision to develop the new M5 with four-wheel drive. However, on the road, it is possible to deactivate the rear axle and make the M5 a traditionalist again. But watch out, it turns into a real monster!

This proves, more than ever, that this is a car for any situation. It fits into a family’s everyday life, playing into the comfort, quality and prestige that BMW is known for, and it can satisfy those looking for the ultimate in performance. This performance is evident not only in the larger front vents and the rear extractor, flanked by double exhaust outlets, but along with the bumpers, redesigned from the regular 5 Series, making them much more aggressive, and a subtle rear spoiler that helps with road stability when the M5 goes past the 250km/h mark. The roof is made from carbon fibre and there are several aluminium panels to help reduce the overall weight.

The V8 engine is a step up from the last generation’s 4.4-litre, calibrated to churn out 600 horse- power or 625 in the Competition version, the most extreme in the range. The automatic, eight-speed transmission is the only option available, and is perfect for any driving occasion, whether exploring the car’s limits on the open road, or managing comfort and consumption in the midst of city traffic. Inside, there is a perfect balance between the sporty character an M model demands and the elegance a luxury BMW offers passengers. Onboard quality is fantastic, allowing you to roam aimlessly and without a care. It goes from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds, and 300km/h is just a formality for this German super-saloon.

The future may be electric, but the M5 is an ode to the internal combustion engine.

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