Jaguar’s new XF dares to be different

Jaguar’s new XF dares to be different

By: Guilherme Marques

Jaguar is threatening the Germans at their own game, with a series of products that appeal to people who like to be different, but never for the worse

The XF, back in 2007, was the model that kick-started the major revolution that Jaguar is still going through now. With a completely new design language, it proved that there was room for a new wave of younger, more cosmopolitan customers. The new XF further cements a change to the British icon, posing a serious threat to ­German domination in the segment. With its stunning bodywork, created by the brilliant Ian Callum, this is a Jaguar made for anyone who truly loves cars. Essential test-drove the 2-litre, 180-horsepower version, experiencing a car capable of rivalling the best in terms of performance, dynamics and comfort.

The XF excels at every level, astounding at every moment, whether in terms of driving pleasure, or ease of use. Highly alluring, practical and always comfortable, this is a Jaguar perfectly aligned to the current market, raising eyebrows wherever it goes. Jaguar will end 2016 with three new high-end arrivals, the XE, the XF and the brand’s first SUV, the F-Pace, completing its ferocious attack on German dominance. For anyone who wants to follow a different path, this could be the right one for you.


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