Reclaiming the throne: The new 718 range by Porsch...

Reclaiming the throne: The new 718 range by Porsche

By: Guilherme Marques

The iconic brand is bringing back its aspirated engines

When Porsche launched the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman models in 2016, the brand decided to move away from naturally aspirated six-cylinder engines in favour of four-cylinder turbo units with 2.0 and 2.5 litres capacity. Although the dynamics of the brand’s two central-engine sports cars were better than ever, some of the magic associated with the driving experience was lost due to engines that, whilst providing greater performance from an objective point of view, did not give the same feel as the previous models.

Customers everywhere began asking for the return of the six-cylinder blocks, but the need to respond to new environmental guidelines made this seemingly impossible. Fortunately, the German engineers were even brighter than usual. The new 718 Cayman GTS and 718 Boxster GTS use a spectacular new four-litre, naturally aspirated block, curiously based on the three-litre turbo unit fitted on the 911, which churns out 400 horse­power and provides once again a Porsche driving experience in all its glory.

The GTS versions bridge the gap between the “normal” models and the more special and exclusive ones, developed by the Porsche Motorsport department. To the same extent that it increases dynamic precision and performance, the daily vocation of the GTS models remains unchanged, which makes these two fantastic sports cars unique: special enough to make each trip an event, but perfectly adapted to everyday life in terms of comfort and easy handling.

Another bonus of the GTS models is the standard equipment they offer. In addition to the mechanically specific tuning, the Cayman and Boxster GTS immediately stand out by the high-gloss black details, the specific bumpers, the darkened headlights and the central exhaust nozzles also in black. The GTS aesthetic works perfectly and gives the 718 models a very appealing personality of their own. As for transmissions, Porsche now offers a fabulous six-speed manual gearbox. The already familiar (and equally superb) double-clutch PDK will come out further down the line.

Inside, there are no major changes, but you can see how the infotainment system is evolving. Drivers are also required to specify the sports seat covers for that extra feeling of connection with the car at every turn. Once again, the new 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster are in a class of their own.


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