The importance of making eco-friendly choices: Ess...

The importance of making eco-friendly choices: Essential spoke with three companies about photovoltaic energy options for your home

By: Beatriz Maio 

The power of nature: Sustainability is becoming a greater priority for those who own or plan to buy homes

Concern for the environment and sustainability has been growing over recent years and is reflected in the increased use of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, water, geothermal, wave, tidal and nuclear. These various options make it possible to replace the use of fossil fuels through different construction methods that bring not only comfort but also many advantages.

SHS Solutions

The use of natural resources to produce energy, thus reducing the environmental impact, is the focus of SHS Solutions, an ecological company that sells and installs everything from solar panels, inverters, battery systems and air conditioning units to dynamic thermal hot water, infrared heaters and heat pumps.

This comprehensive service, designed to “reduce electricity costs, is the best and cheapest”, explained Iain Baguley, general manager at SHS Solutions, emphasising that “alternative energies are a cleaner and more reliable source”. However, it is important to gather as much information as possible before making a decision.

Although the public is increasingly aware of the importance of making eco-friendly choices – which can be seen in the number of electric cars on the road – they should be informed. This preference, for example, is a major concern for the company, given that more electricity will be needed to recharge the vehicles. “If we all had to buy an electric car, there wouldn’t be enough energy in most countries to keep them running,” comments Iain Baguley, reflecting on the possibility of every home one day being powered by solar panels and batteries, if there aren’t so many electric vehicles.

SHS Solutions

He recognises that behaviour is changing regarding environmental conservation but points out that “those who are buying these cars are also those who are against nuclear and coal-fired power stations, so the only alternatives are solar and wind energy”. Although SHS Solutions has already gained a foothold in the Portuguese and Spanish markets, it aims to continue growing in Portugal because it feels that “there are few companies” in this field.

But since it is not always easy to change our energy consumption, Soren can help. Specialising in photovoltaic systems and solar water heating, the company focuses on helping clients find the best solution, guiding them through every stage of the process, from the initial contact to installation and after-sales service.


The consultancy company’s priority is to “offer long-term durability” which, in the words of CEO Isa Conceição, demonstrates “concern for quality, customer satisfaction and return on investment”. After drawing up a detailed assessment of the needs of a home or small industrial or commercial establishment, a proposal is presented, tailored to the client’s needs, with an individualised analysis of their current and potential electricity consumption.


Isa Conceição believes that it is possible to “contribute to a more sustainable country” by encouraging “government support, educating the community and simplifying the sale of surpluses produced”. In order to “disseminate comprehensive information about renewable energies”, the company is committed to organising training sessions and presentations for all ages.

But Soren plans to innovate beyond this area. “Leading the way in the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources in Portugal” is also one of their priorities, as is “continuing to invest in research to offer more advanced and efficient technologies,” revealed the CEO who does not hide the fact that the “growing scarcity of raw materials needed to produce the systems’ components and the consequent increase in their value” is a concern for the consultancy company that provides services throughout the country. Although she believes there is a long way to go, Isa Conceição argues that renewable energies “should be within everyone’s reach, in an accessible and sustainable way”, and hopes that this will be the reality in the future.

To carry out a new project or renovation, there are construction companies that establish the link between clients and the companies responsible for installing renewable energy equipment, such as Domuscience, which provides a “turnkeyservice, meaning they follow the work from the first step to its completion.

With a team made up of professionals from various fields, such as bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and various technicians, CEO Fábio Bota explained that Domuscience provides quality service and work through personalised support that meets different expectations, needs and objectives.

He explained that their service also includes “bridging the gap” between clients and architects or specialists who can help them select the photovoltaic alternatives that best suit their needs and lifestyle.


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