Pepper’s Steakhouse unveils a remarkable culinary ...

Pepper’s Steakhouse unveils a remarkable culinary experience in collaboration with chef André Basto and winemaker Luís Sottomayor

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Peppers Steakhouse Chefs Table

By: Charlotte Cockayne

Pepper’s Steakhouse at Vilamoura’s Tivoli Marina is a must-visit for meat lovers

For those who appreciate the finest cuts of meat, Pepper’s Steakhouse at Vilamoura´s Tivoli Marina is a must visit. To tickle the taste buds, this renowned restaurant is launching a new edition of Meat Winemakers with a menu crafted specifically for this occasion by Chef André Basto. These exquisite dishes will be paired with wines meticulously selected by Sogrape’s esteemed winemaker, Luís Sottomayor.

Luis Sottomayor, Sogrape

Scheduled from the 13th to the 20th of July, the latest Meat Winemakers edition will provide a unique opportunity to indulge in an extraordinary gastronomic and oenological journey.

Chef Andre Basto

Chef André Basto has thoughtfully designed each menu to harmonise the wine selections made by the guest winemaker. By doing so, he ensures that each dish and its accompanying wine are seen as a collective experience, rather than in isolation.

For this edition, Luís Sottomayor presents an exclusive selection from Casa Ferreirinha, ranging from Vinha Grande Branco 2022 – the first white wine from Casa Ferreirinha – to Legado 2018, a historic wine reflecting the rich heritage of the Douro region.

The gastronomic journey commences with “Surf & Turf,” featuring River Prawn served with Iranian Caviar, Foie Gras, and seafood Bisque, paired with Vinha Grande Branco 2022, a wine that exhibits aromatic intensity along with elegance.

Following this, the renowned Wagyu Beef, famed for its marbled texture and exceptional flavour, is expertly paired with Legado 2018, a wine produced from century-old vines that narrates the history of Douro wines.

The dessert course offers two exceptional moments: Elderflower with White Chocolate, paired with Série Ímpar Curtimenta, a unique white wine sourced from three Sogrape estates in the Douro region; and Brazilian Chocolate, paired with Sandeman´s Vintage 2000 Port.

The meal concludes with a Café Gourmand, featuring a Macaroon, a  Bonbon, and a Truffle, accompanied by Sandeman´s 30 Year Old Port, to conclude to this extraordinary dining experience.

The Meat Winemakers tasting menu is available for €170 per person, with the flexibility to choose individual courses:

  • Surf & Turf | Vinha Grande Branco 2022 – €30
  • Wagyu | Legado 2018 – €90
  • Elderflower | Série Ímpar Curtimenta – €20
  • Brazilian Chocolate | Porto Sandeman Vintage 2000 – €25
  • Café Gourmand | Porto Sandeman 30 Years – €20

Overlooking the stunning Vilamoura Marina, Pepper’s Steakhouse is celebrated for its succulent and tender meats, featuring premium cuts cooked to perfection and served with a variety of sauces, capturing the essence of American style cuisine.

The menu, however, also honours the sea, incorporating fresh fish and seafood from Portugal’s extensive coastline, guaranteeing a unique gastronomical experience that has something for land and sea alike, and for every taste.


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