Electrical Storm: Exploring the Taycan 4S

Electrical Storm: Exploring the Taycan 4S

By: Guilherme Marques

Following the release of the Turbo and the Turbo S, Porsche unveils the more sensible Taycan 4S

Essential Algarve attended the national presentation for the new Porsche Taycan, and there is already so much news around the first fully electric Porsche that there is a lot to discover before even trying everything this pioneer model has to offer.

Porsche will maintain denominations of its traditional Taycan models, as this makes it easier to differentiate the range and it is what customers know. After the Turbo and Turbo S versions, Porsche welcomes the anticipated 4S. As a more affordable version (if you can call it that) and will take Taycan to a more comprehensive chapter for Porsche and attract more customers for the brand.

Similar to other models in the range, the 4S has constant all-wheel drive, thanks to two permanent synchronous engines (one at each driving axel). The standard battery — called Performance — has the capacity for 79.2kWh and produces 390kWh (or 530 horsepower), with the announced autonomy being 407km. Additionally, the 4S model can come with an optionally equipped with the Turbo battery, called Performance Plus, which has 93.4kWh and is capable of generating 420kWh (or an impressive 571 horsepower). In this case, autonomy is even longer, reaching 463km, which is by far the largest in the entire range.

The 4S also has some aesthetic differences, such as the model’s own Taycan S Aero rims or the six-plunger brake callipers at the front and another four in the back painted red — another element created for this version. At the rear, the bumper and diffuser also differ from previous Turbo models.

The driving experience is promising — in addition to performance (0-100km/h in four seconds), the PASM adaptive air suspension and the Porsche 4D Chassis Control are valuable components for top-level sports driving, which is an absolute must for any of the brand’s cars.

Inside, the Taycan 4S is a blank canvas waiting for customisation based on the individual needs of each client. No matter the choices, the most advanced security, entertainment and information technology will certainly be present.

Now that Porsche has entered the electric car department, there will be a before and after the Taycan. Some cars make history, and this is surely one of them.


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