Organic and Natural Bubbles

By: Patrick Stuart

Phaunus Pet Nat Rosé (Pet Nat means natural sparking) is indeed one very natural sparkling wine. It is produced by Aphros Wines of the Minho Region in the far north, one of the pioneers of fully organic wine production in Portugal and is made without added yeast or sugar and with no filtration or forced stabilisation.

We can also console ourselves with the fact that it has just 11.5% alcohol. All of the above is laudable, but my main concern as a consumer is drinking pleasure and I absolutely love this stuff.

It is a very pale pink colour with a fine persistent bubble and hints of cherries and raspberries on the nose mingling with floral notes, nicely rounded in the mouth with citrus flavours and good acidity.

A top-class sparkler, well priced at just under €19. Buy it from the Convent’Bio shop in Lagoa or direct from the distributor. Call 915 474 033 or email [email protected]


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