Portugal is the 2nd Best Country for wine-loving T...

Portugal is the 2nd Best Country for wine-loving Travellers, according to study

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By: Michael Bruxo

The new study by Bounce, a luggage storage company, says Portugal is the 2nd Best Country in the world for wine tourism

The study, entitled ‘The Wine Lover’s Index’, looked at factors such as wine consumption and production, number of vineyards and wine tours and the average cost of a bottle of wine to reveal the “best location for wine-lovers to visit on vacation”.

Portugal was considered 2nd best country for wine travellers on the list, trailing only Italy and ahead of other European heavyweights such as Spain and France. New Zealand, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and Hungary complete the top-10.

(Portugal) has two wine-producing regions designated as UNESCO world heritage sites, one of which produces Portugal’s most recognised wine, port, named after the city of Porto,” says the study.

Portugal was also singled out as the world’s largest wine consumer, with an average consumption of nearly half a litre per day per person.

“This country consumes the most wine relative to the population, eight million hectolitres ahead of the closest country, France, and more than double its neighbour Spain. Cultural factors could account for this large amount of wine consumption, as many Portuguese people consider themselves everyday drinkers, consuming small amounts of wine regularly with meals,” it says.

Portugal was also named the best for wine tours, with 55 per one million people.

“With two of its main wine-producing regions designated UNESCO world heritage sites, it’s not surprising that Portugal has the highest number of wine tours per million people. This UNESCO designation has made places such as the Douro Valley, the birthplace of port, popular tourist attractions for wine lovers leading to a high number of wine tours and tastings,” it says.

The full study can be found at

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