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Wine & Spirits “Algarve Trade Experience” comes to Silves on March 6 & 7

The City of Silves to hosts the 8th edition of the largest national drinks event: Algarve Trade Experience 2020

On March 6 and 7, the city of Silves opens its doors to the 8th edition of the Algarve Trade Experience. The event will take place in the emblematic area of the city of Silves — the Fábrica do Inglês, which was totally refurbished to host the first major event of 2020. What is considered to be the biggest beverage event dedicated to the trade market in Portugal is back for another edition that will gather in the city of Silves producers of wines, spirits, mixologists, brand ambassadors, brand builders and bartenders of great national and international brands. The event aims to present the latest world trends in the beverage sector. During the two days of the event, visitors will be able to attend various workshops, wine tastings, shows with animation by guest DJs, live music and finger food. Rita Soares, responsible for the event, says “This year, we want to give the opportunity to challenge the brands that will be present at the 8th edition of the Algarve Trade Experience. Like the adventurous and creative spirit of the Portuguese during the time of the discoveries, we want this year’s edition to challenge the brands to present the most creative and inspiring trends and novelties, in what is the biggest and most creative drinks event dedicated to trade in our country”.

Promoting Silves and the Algarve region in 2 days of intense cultural and gastronomic activity is the great goal of the Algarve Trade Experience. In addition to the importance that the event assumes in the beverage industry at a national level, the 8th edition of the Algarve Trade Experience also represents an opportunity to present local producers, artisan ways of working raw materials, and all the solutions that can complement the offer of the hotel industry to a countless number of tourists who visit the region of Silves and the Algarve all throughout the year.


This year’s choice for the Algarve Trade Experience 2020 fell on the city of Silves in the emblematic Fábrica do Inglês, which was not made at random. As Rita Soares says, “Our choice fell on the city of Silves, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the Algarve. To visit Silves is to confront ourselves with different periods of human history and, of course, to return to the time of the Discoveries is an important milestone. We want to take advantage of this great event to return, and at the same time value, the incredible cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the Fábrica do Inglês and this city, as it also happened last year with the recovery of the old Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro. We are committed to the development of our region, and this event has been a lever for us to contribute to that momentum”.

This event will present some of the major trends in mixology at Fábrica do Inglês, in Silves. The event’s focus is on “The Portuguese Discoveries and the Spice Route”, which will be part of some of the presentations taking place on both days at Fábrica do Inglês.

After the success and adhesion registered in the last edition, Algarve Trade Experience 2020 opens, for the second consecutive year, the doors to the general public. During the two-day event, the event will be open from 5pm and 8pm to all those who wish to come and taste some of the best wines and cocktails made by leading professionals today. The daily ticket price is €25, and the two-day ticket price is €40, of which reverts in full to Refúgio Aboim Ascensão. Tickets are on sale through the website or Ticketline.

For more information about the Algarve Trade Experience, check it out here.

About the Algarve Trade Experience: The Wine & Spirits Algarve Trade Experience is considered the largest event in the beverage industry dedicated to trade in the Algarve region. This initiative, under the responsibility of the prestigious Garrafeira Soares, seeks since 2012 to present the world trends in mixology and wine, contemplating a set of various workshops and wine tastings conducted by some of the most renowned specialists.

Algarve Trade Experience 2020 press office:

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