Moving play ‘Samotracias’ debuts this ...

Moving play ‘Samotracias’ debuts this Friday, an intimate mosaic of broken dreams across borders

SAMOTRACIAS teatro debut Outubro 2022 3

New creation by Loulé’s cultural association “Mákina de Cena” is based on the French writer Nicole Caligaris’ “Les Samothraces” and explores the difficulties of ‘those who continue to walk with no direction, home or luck’

Integrating testimonies of migrant women living in the Algarve region, “Samotracias” composes an intimate mosaic of broken dreams across borders. Without shying away from the dilemmas of current Portuguese and European geopolitics, in a fictional – but very real – story, “Samotracias” closely follows the itineraries of rootless women who are, for that very reason, always on the move.

Whether from ambition or the urgency to escape, the destinies of a young woman seeking fame abroad, a widowed mother refusing a forced marriage and a lady who, after decades of servitude, seeks a different end to her life, cross paths. Crushed by the hope of another future, they watch as their dreams fade away on a cruel journey.

In a trilingual format (Portuguese, French and Spanish) and the result of a collective and horizontal creative process, the show presents the dreams and pains these three women embodied in the characters of Pepita, Sandra and Sissi. These women reflect not only the experiences of the actresses themselves, but also those of women migrants living in the Algarve region, whose memories and real testimonies gain voice and ears here.

Inspired by the work “Les Samothraces“, published in 2000 by the French writer Nicole Caligaris, the play is about the tragedy of those who continue to walk with no direction, home or luck.

“Samotracias”, created by the artistic direction of Carolina Santos (Mákina de Cena) in co-creation with Letícia Blanc and Ulima Ortiz, will debut in the Algarve this October:


Visit to purchase tickets for Loulé, Lagoa or Lisbon.


Carolina Santos and Marco Martins are the co-founders of Mákina de Cena, a cultural association based in Loulé, that, since 2018, has developed projects in the field of performing arts, namely in the areas of jazz music and contemporary theatre. Potentiating an intergenerational and multidisciplinary dialogue, which aims to meet and cross between different creative knowledges, the institution promotes artistic transversality and the establishment of partnerships with other local, national and international cultural entities.

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