Michelin-starred Vistas Restaurant to host a uniqu...

Michelin-starred Vistas Restaurant to host a unique event in partnership with high-end champagne brand


Vistas restaurant presents a dedicated themed event this October, in partnership with Krug

Chef Rui Silvestre will present his guests with a gastronomic journey in partnership with Krug – a long-established brand since 1843, which sells some of the most expensive champagnes in the world.

Vistas Restaurant

The Michelin-starred Vistas restaurant will present a sublime menu around the chosen ingredientrice –, which will be presented alongside the exclusive Krug champagnes.

The motto for this event is Krug’s initiative “Krug & Rice”, which invites the best chefs in the world to take part in this year’s challenge.

The “Krug & Rice” initiative is part of the Krug’s philosophy of “one plot, one wine, one ingredient”, which aims to pay tribute to a single humble ingredient every year.

The unique ingredient chosen – rice –, is a “global symbol of vitality. It is a “unifying staple” and “the very element that the Ming Dynasty used in the mortar binding the bricks of the Great Wall of China” and that today nourishes “half the world’s population and is the backbone of emblematic national recipes everywhere”.

According to Krug, rice is “by nature, an invitation calling for diversity on the plate; rice is a mirror of the human gastronomic adventure throughout the ages”.

The event will take place at Vistas Restaurant, this October 3rd, at 7.30pm, costing €285 per person (including dinner and champagne). You can consult the menu here.

Everyone is invited for this gastronomic journey, but seats are limited, so register by contacting +351 281 950 950 or [email protected].

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