Algarve Pizzeria Arte Bianca in the 50 Top Pizza G...

Algarve Pizzeria Arte Bianca in the 50 Top Pizza Guide

Pizzeria Arte Bianca in Algarve in the 50 Top Pizza Europe 2022 Guide

Italy’s prestigious pizzeria guide highlighted Arte Bianca as one of the best in the world

Aljezur restaurant Arte Bianca is among the 50 best pizzerias in Europe, according to Italy’s prestigious pizzeria guide 50 Top Pizza Europe 2022.

Arte Bianca Restaurant

The restaurant is placed 49th in the ranking which also features another Portuguese restaurant – Lisbon’s renowned Forno d’Oro (16th).

Manuela Mattavelli, founder of the Arte Bianca Group which also runs two further pizzerias in Arrifana and Sagres,  is over the moon with the recognition, describing it as the result of the restaurant team’s commitment to “bring the best of this dish from Italy, the country from which we came to invest in Portugal with the opening of the Arte Bianca restaurants.

“We prioritise the quality of the dough and seasonal products along with an attentive room service and the comfort of our space, criteria which are also taken into consideration in the selection of the restaurants that are part of this contest,” Mattavelli said.

“We believe this distinction will arouse the curiosity of Portuguese people and tourists, even more, to get to know the essence of Arte Bianca and the work, passion and love we have for good food and Italian cuisine,” the founder added.

The 50 Top Pizza Europe ranking is put together based on several factors, from the quality of a restaurant’s service and waiting time to the existence of a wine menu, its selection of beers and, of course, the quality of its pizza.

“As with all of the rankings under the 50 Top brand, 50 Top Europe 2022 is the result of an annual process carried out by inspectors which collaborate with this project and which have assessed an enormous number of pizzerias located throughout the entire European continent,” the team behind the ranking says on its website.

“In compliance with our policy, they always work under a strict guise of anonymity.  The criteria for assessment encompass the overall attention given to the customer beginning, of course, with the quality of the products used,” it adds.

50 Top Pizza Europe 2022: review of the Arte Bianca Restaurant

“This establishment is located in the deep, southern part of Portugal where agriculture and tourism are the two main sources of income. The furnishings are spartan but welcoming, and the place has a philosophy which combines flavor with health-consciousness. The pizza has a Neapolitan shape but the dough, which is obtained with natural leavening, is crunchy and in the Roman style. It is served in slices, also common in Rome.

“The Italian owners are very attentive in their selection of the raw ingredients, many of which are imported from the homeland, and enriched by a vegetable garden cared for by the owners themselves. There is a good choice of beers, and a few wines. The service is kind, welcoming and enthusiastic. The pizza is complemented by a few classic Italian dishes. Takeaway is also available.”

The full ranking

  1. Peppe Pizzeria – Paris, Francia
  2. Fratelli Figurato – Madrid, Spain
  3. 50 Kalò London – London, England
  4. Bæst – Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Sartoria Panatieri – Barcellona, Spain
  6. Via Toledo Enopizzeria – Vienna, Austria
  7. Pizza Zulù – Fürth, Germany
  8. La Piola Pizza – Brussels, Belgium
  9. Kytaly – Geneva, Switzerland
  10. La Balmesina – Barcellona, Spain
  11. nNea – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. La Pizza è Bella Gourmet – Brussels, Belgium
  13. Napoli on The Road – London, England
  14. Malafemmena – Berlin, Germany
  15. Pizzeria Luca – Copenhagen, Denmark
  16. Forno d’Oro – Lisbon, Portugal
  17. 400° Laboratorio – Paris, France
  18. L’Antica Pizzeria – London, England
  19. The Dough Bro – Galway, Ireland
  20. San Gennaro – Zurich, Switzerland
  21. ‘O Ver – London, England
  22. Forza – Helsinki, Finland
  23. Guillaume Grasso – Paris, France
  24. Surt – Copenhagen, Denmark
  25. Futura Neapolitan Pizza – Berlin, Germany
  26. Pizzeria Luca – Helsinki, Finland
  27. 60 Secondi Pizza Napoletana – Munich, Germany
  28. Ostro.– Gdańsk, Poland
  29. 450°C – Turku, Finland
  30. Ciao a Tutti– Warsaw, Poland
  31. Verace – Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  32. Marcella – Brussels, Belgium
  33. Belli di Mamma – Budapest, Hungary
  34. De Superette – Gent, Belgium
  35. Majstor I Margarita – Belgrade, Serbia
  36. Oro di Napoli – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  37. Pietra – Belgrade, Serbia
  38. Cinquecento – London, England
  39. Casa Nostra – Munich, Germany
  40. IMperfetto – Puteaux, France
  41. Matto Napoletano – Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
  42. Demaio – Bilbao, Spain
  43. Pop’s Pizza – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  44. Kaja Pizza Köök – Tallinn, Estonia
  45. Franko’s Pizza & Bar – Zagreb, Croatia
  46. Street Pizza – Riga, Latvia
  47. Zielona Górka – Pabianice, Poland
  48. Animaletto Pizza Bar – Bucarest, Romania
  49. Arte Bianca – Aljezur, Portugal
  50. Pizzeria MaMeMi – Copenhagen, Denmark
Source: Portugal Resident Newspaper

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