Salmarim presents new image and flavours

Salmarim presents new image and flavours

Sea salt has been extracted in Portugal since time immemorial and was a ­significant source of wealth for centuries. Its quality has long been recognised and, despite its production having been undervalued in ­recent decades, this product has seen a revival lately, thanks in large part to the gourmet phenomenon and the interest around flor de sal, Portuguese for fleur de sel.

Salmarim, a company that extracts flor de sal using traditional craft methods from its own salt marshes in Castro Marim, Algarve, recently presented a new image. A result of the brand’s growth both nationally and internationally, as founder Jorge Filipe Raiado ­explains, the company took advantage of the occasion to perfect the five types of delicate salt crystals that Salmarim has on the market: the original flor de sal, aromatic (flor de sal with parsley and oregano), Mediterranean (olive), lemon and piri-piri.

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