Experience an Art Exhibition with a Wine Tasting t...

Experience an Art Exhibition with a Wine Tasting this January

art exhibition and wine tasting this january at quinta da tôr

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Loulé’s Quinta da Tôr hosting a unique sensory event between January 23-29

For many of us, trying to organise anything over the last year or so has not been easy due to Covid restrictions and the understandably cautious attitude of the public. This has proven to be particularly true for art exhibitions. When facing this challenge, one of the newer members of the Algarve Art Group looked beyond simply approaching the usual venues with the idea of combining an art exhibition with something else and to make it more of an event. The combination of art and wine did not take long to make a connection.

With the additional pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine whilst taking in the work on display, the concept of Tôr Art also brings in its third element, that of a truly relaxing and beautiful location.

The intention is that visitors will be able to experience a rural part of the Algarve, taste some vibrant wines and form their own opinions of just how far the region’s wines have developed in recent years. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to talk with the artists and the wine producers involved.

Quinta da Tôr Winery

From the winery’s point of view, the event is an opportunity to attract visitors during a quieter period of the year and they are already reporting a positive response in terms of bookings during the week of the event – January 23 to 29 at Quinta da Tôr.

From award-winning watercolour artwork and abstract work to painted mannequins and metallic artworks, there is plenty to see

By Bob Tidy

The organiser of the event, from the art point of view, has made a real point in providing the visitor with a variety of artistic styles to view that will include the work of an award-winning watercolour specialist and some highly creative abstract work. Another artist will be showing her intricately painted mannequins and there will be plenty of reflections of the region’s natural inspiration in other paintings.

An entirely different creative process will be evident in the three-dimensional work of a very interesting artist who combines metallic bits and pieces to form exquisite compositions.

Equally unique will be the work presented by the team’s photographer and digital artist who, along with some of his printed and framed pieces, will also be showing a more complete presentation of his computer-produced compositions on a screen.

Remembering that the venue is a winery and not an art gallery and that this the first time many of the artists have displayed together, this event will be, in many ways, experimental and hopefully will form the basis of similar events in the future.

Additional Information

Entrance is free, parking is easy, wine and tapas are available, and everyone is invited.

Quinta da Tôr is located at Estrada EM525, Aldeia da Tôr, Morgado da Tôr, Loulé – 968 427 271. Opening hours are from 10am to 7pm. 

The images shown in this article are representative only and may not be the actual work shown at the event.

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