ArtCatto gallery is featuring Annalù Boeretto’s &#...

ArtCatto gallery is featuring Annalù Boeretto’s ‘Dreamcatchers series’ until late November

Annalù Boeretto - Dreamcatcher nettare Murex

By: Ben Austin 

Like a butterfly: Italian artist Annalù Boeretto takes inspiration from this enchanting animal for her dynamic works

Annalù Boeretto was born in San Donà di Piave, Venice, in 1976, where, since childhood, she developed her love for art, letting her imagination run free with the things she played with – sand, rocks and even loose roots. Since 1995, she has shown her work in dozens of collective and solo exhibitions worldwide – from the UK to Monaco, the US and Dubai. These days, she lives in her stilt house on the right bank of the Piave river and works at her studio in Jesolo.

Annalù Boeretto

Her work is characterised by its lyric, metamorphic, spiritual and even esoteric nature. The symbols and motifs from different cultures and civilisations create a sense of wonder and mystery, reinforced by the mesmerising effect of her well-honed technique and artistic skill.

Her use of three-dimensional materials and shapes, alongside techniques that she has refined through constant experimentation, produce a dynamic dialogue between the pieces and the viewer.

The artist plays with textures and perspectives, using materials such as fibreglass, bitumen, cement and the famous traditional Italian materialMurano glass.

Water exploding from books, “liquid carpets” made from resin and roots, trees and flowers with a life of their own, and much more, make up Annalù Boeretto’s diverse portfolio.

Annalù Boeretto

Annalú’s Dreamcatchers series on show at ArtCatto, Loulé, until late November, are swirling, dynamic pieces constructed with resin, mother of pearl and the precious Murano glass, wherein the central disc is made by a furnace that has been in operation since the 1300s.

The central motif to her brightly patterned work is the butterfly.

The spirals of butterflies create a mesmerising mandala, the word itself meaning “circle” from the ancient Sanskrit and represents the cosmos, which is a central theme to Annalú’s practice, as she states: “I like to think that the dreamcatcher is a sort of net for souls in which all the power of the cosmos is condensed.”

The dreamcatcher comes from Native American culture and represents the circle of life and a metaphor for journey of the sun and moon across the sky, acting as a filter, catching bad dreams during the night.

It is interesting to note in ancient Greece, Aristotle coined the word ‘psychein reference to the human soul which was closely associated with the butterfly. The cocoons being like tombs, with the butterfly emerging like the “anima” (soul) from the prison of the corpse after death.

Taking inspiration from nature and ancient Italian techniques, she has perfected her craft to create work which delights the viewer.

She captures the butterflies in a coiled mass, an almost dream-like kaleidoscope of colour, symbolic of transformation and change.

Annalù’s work appears in numerous museums and private collections, including Bologna’s Galleria d’Arte Maggiore, Museo di Storia Naturale Venezia, the Fondazione Burri and Fondazione Benetton collections, as well as several palaces in Italy.

Her works have also been shown in various galleries throughout Europe and she has participated in several international art exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale.

I love butterflies!” states ArtCatto founder and owner Gillian Catto. “These works are alive with dancing light and colour. They create a sense of freedom and beauty, becoming striking symbols of creativity on a wall. I am thrilled to be showing her stunning work at ArtCatto.”


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