Faro to host seven-week Biennial of Contemporary A...

Faro to host seven-week Biennial of Contemporary Arts

By: Michael Bruxo

Faro has been unveiled as one of the three towns – along with Lisbon and Almada – that will host the third edition of the Biennial of Contemporary Arts

The event is described by organisers as a “cross-disciplinary biennial project focused on performing arts, visual arts, performance art and music.”


It will take place between September 3 and October 17, bringing dozens of cultural events to the capital of the Algarve under the motto ‘Prove You Are Human’.

North American film director Gus Van Sant will debut his first stage creation with the musical theater show “Andy”, inspired by the story of Andy Warhol.

Khalik Allah, another North American director and photographer, will also make his debut in Portugal and show the dissident faces of the streets of New York through the movie “IWOW – I Walk On Water”, in what will be a national premiere.

António Poppe & La Família Gitana

Portuguese artist Luís Lázaro Matos will present his art installation “Une vague joyeuse”, while Odete (a multidisciplinary artist known for her works in the field of music, visual arts and theatre) will unveil “On Revelations and Muddy Becomings”, a project that “dives into a dialogue between history, archaeology and investigation to recover the place of mystery and fantasy in the present”.

Tiago Cadete

Meanwhile, a performance by António Poppe and La Família Gitana will bring together the poetry of Luís Camões and the texts of Davi Kopenawa (from the Yanomani Indians) to the sound of gipsy music.

Theater director Tiago Cadete will reflect about migrations and the reasons why they happen today in “Brasa”, while French dancer, choreographer and philosopher Noé Soulier will present a choreography consisting of a body of vocabulary that he has developed over 10 years.

According to BoCA’s artistic director, John Romão: “If the CAPTCHA (the automated Turing Test to distinguish computers and humans) is a safety test known as authentication by challenge and response, BoCA’s third edition launches the challenge Prove You Are Human and listens to the possible answers and questions, not only from the artists who make up its programming, but also from the audience, who can also take the test through their aesthetic experiences and reflections.”

John Romão

BoCA 2021 has the High Sponsorship of the Presidency of the Republic and is financed by DG Artes and the councils of Lisbon, Almada and Faro as well as the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Millennium bcp Foundation. Its co-producers are Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, maat – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology and CCB, joined by more than 30 partners and supports.

The full list of events – as well as when and where they are taking place – can be found online at

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