Icons: Jean-Pierre Kunkel

Corte Real Gallery brings the work of Jean-Pierre Kunkel to the Algarve

Internationally recognised for his work, which regularly adorns the covers of major news magazines, he has presented his pieces at world-renowned art fairs. Approaching the subjects he aims to portray in oil on canvas via photography, Kunkel uses different reference photos of each motif and develops an overall picture on the computer that matches his idea.

When transferring to canvas, he plays with colours, reflections and surface structures in order to control the effect of his idealised reality. “The spontaneous development of the painting regarding language of form, colour scheme and painting technique allows me to unfold my artistic potential to the fullest,” he states.

Throughout his long career, Kunkel acquired a rich repertoire of techniques, including airbrush, photography, image processing, illustration, watercolour, oil on canvas and the symbiosis of all these design types. Now available at Corte Real Gallery, the pieces of his Icons series showcase his fascination with combining different art forms. In these pieces, photorealistic portraits of figures such as actor Steve McQueen, are complemented by details associated with them scattered around almost like a collage, such as the Vogue logo across the Kate Moss’ portrait or the martini glass and ‘007’ logo on the painting of Sean Connery.

Corte Real Gallery is signposted from Boliqueime, Ferreiras and Paderne, and is open Thursday to Sunday from 11.30am- 4.30pm.


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