Photography Exhibition of the Purest Algarve start...

Photography Exhibition of the Purest Algarve starts this Tuesday

Rui Gregório photography exhibition pelos trilhos do algarvensis

The exhibition “Pelos Trilhos do Algarvensis” (“Through the trails of Algarvensis”) by Rui Gregório returns to the Archeological Municipal Museum of Albufeira on February 15 and can be visited until May 14

The exhibition was first presented to the public in June last year, along with a new musical piece, “Percurso 1381km2”, by the maestro Armando Mota.

This showing is part of the GeoPalcos programme, a cultural intervention programme in the territory of the aspiring GeoPark in Loulé, Silves and Albufeira, intending to create innovative events in the boroughs of Loulé, Silves and Albufeira.

The exhibition is accompanied by Armando Mota’s “Percurso 1,381Km2” (Trail 1,381km2) “to create different atmospheres for the visitors to feel the tonalities, the emotions and the sounds of the aspiring GeoPark.” Armando Mota is a maestro, pianist, composer, professor and programmer, and has lived in Albufeira for over 30 years.

Armando Mota

This musical piece was requested by the municipality specifically for this first event in Albufeira, to “create a relationship with the Algarve in an indirect way, namely with the territory of the aspiring GeoPark Algarvensis, located in the south of Portugal, in the central Algarve region, including the Loulé, Silves and Albufeira boroughs, in a total area of 1,381 square kilometres”.

About the Artist

Rui Gregório, born in Albufeira and living in Paderne for several years now, has set out on an adventure, and for the past year he has revisited landscapes and walked different trails, and has discovered new places and new fossils that were nothing but rocks and now have attained a completely new meaning.

Having finished in 2004 his Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Communications (Arte e Comunicação) at the Escola Superior Artística do Porto (Artistic School of Porto) and later in 2011 his Masters, in Applied Photography (Fotografia Aplicada) at the Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Tomar (School of Technology of Tomar).

In his constant incursions through the land, he refined his senses to be able to capture the landscape’s biodiversity and the impacts of human intervention through an attentive eye. The result is a set of stunning images that tell the story of numerous places he captured through his lenses, with a new way of looking at the landscape, to places like Paderne and Ferreiras, which are part of the aspiring Algarvensis Geopark.


The exhibition will be open to the public starting this Tuesday, February 15, and will last until May 14, at the Museu Municipal de Arqueologia (Archeological Museum of Albufeira), in the old town. Open daily, from 9.30am to 5.30pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.


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